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Technology Used

What is Hemi-Sync Technology?
Hemi-Sync (from “hemispheric synchronization”) is a scientifically and clinically proven audio-guidance technology which uses complex multilayered audio signals to enable you to easily experience specific states of consciousness. Both hemispheres of the brain are brought into synchronization so that they
can work efficiently together in a coherent state. In everyday life, hemispheric synchronization occurs naturally but only randomly for brief periods. Hemi-Sync technology allows you to easily, quickly, and safely access and hold specific states of consciousness for extended periods of time

How was Hemi-Sync developed?
When Robert Monroe, a pioneer in the field of human consciousness, was researching sleep learning in the 1950s, he began identifying and mixing the sound frequencies which he would later term “Hemi- Sync” (“hemispheric synchronization”). In the early 1970s, Bob incorporated binaural beat technology into the mix and continued to refine Hemi-Sync. The audio exercises in the Exploring Consciousness workshop include complex mixes of sound frequencies, binaural beat technology, sound effects, verbal
guidance, and pink noise.

What are binaural beats?
The binaural beat phenomenon, which occurs naturally, was first discovered in 1839 by H. W. Dove, a Prussian scientist. The sensation of “hearing” binaural beats occurs when two coherent sounds of slightly different frequencies are presented, one to each ear at the same time, and the brain detects a
phase difference between the two sounds. In everyday life this difference would provide you with information to locate the source of the sound. Turning your head equalizes the input to both ears.
In the case of Hemi-Sync, however, when two slightly different tones are introduced into both ears via stereo headphones, moving your head does not result in an equalization of the two. Your brain, in an effort to make sense of what it is perceiving, creates a third tone which is called the binaural beat. It is not an actual physical tone but rather one that is created by your brain. The frequency of the binaural beat equals the difference between the frequencies of the two input tones. These different levels of consciousness range from deep sleep states to highly alert and focused ones, each lending itself to different applications such as meditation, deep relaxation, enhanced creativity, manifesting, pattern release, and problem-solving. There are no subliminal messages, and you remain in complete control at all times. Hemi-Sync is an ideal tool for those committed to personal and spiritual development.


Brainwave States
Hemi-Sync enables you not only to realize a whole-brain state but also to access different states of consciousness. Currently, there is no objective way to measure states of consciousness; however, certain brainwave patterns in the brain have been historically associated with specific states of
consciousness. The beauty of the binaural beat system is that you have the opportunity to be influenced by frequencies below the threshold of human hearing (about 20-40 Hz). In the Exploring Consciousness workshop, you will experience the power of Hemi-Sync audio technology both for consciousness exploration and for everyday applications. Hemi-Sync® is safe and effective, but if you are unfamiliar with it, please listen to the Gateway Voyage Introductory Exercise on the Monroe website ( as soon as possible and before participating in the Exploring Consciousness workshop. Access the exercise by scrolling to the very bottom of the home page and clicking on Free Meditations.


If you have epilepsy or a tendency towards seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental condition(s), you should not listen to Hemi-Sync without having first consulted with your physician. If you have any questions before or after listening to the exercise, please contact us.

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